My work reflects the influence of the post-impressionist and fauvist artists. The contemporary landscapes and interior vignettes that I paint focus on strong hues and interesting shapes. I strive to create a certain mood – a place where I’d like to be – as well as an element of whimsy in these works. Sometimes, my dog Cleo or other four-legged friends find their way into a scene. I hope viewers will enjoy the feelings and the energy I wish to convey.

I think that dogs have dreams, too. These paintings are some of things I think dogs dream about.

Aside from painting, travel is definitely my passion. The paintings in this section depict places I’ve visited, interpreted in my personal way.

For colorists like me, still lifes are the opportunity to paint brilliant hues. Flowers, fruits, vegetables and even teapots are the subjects for decorative compositions that I can create with my paints. Sometimes, a still life will show a “bird’s eye” view. That’s because I like how things look from above, rather than straight on.

Gardens are wonderful places where people can gather to chat and enjoy a meal al fresco. In my paintings, these charming settings reflect times I’ve spent in France, as well as reveries of places I’d like to be. Dogs and cats enjoy gardens too!

An inviting room with a cozy place to sit has always been attractive to me. By painting these scenes, and adding just a little more color to what I see, I can create a place that viewers may want to go to themselves. The presence of a dog adds warmth to the scene and implies the presence of its owner.