About Judy

For the past seven years, my paintings have been exhibited at Wilde Meyer Gallery, at their Scottsdale and Tucson locations. My work is in private collections throughout the United States and in France.

Art has always been a part of my life. My mother was an artist, and I grew up with her paintings, trips to New York museums and many conversations about art. She didn’t teach me to paint, but she did instill in me the artist’s way to see the world. My brother, Jeffrey Maron, also became an artist, and is now a successful sculptor in New York.

When I lived in France as a college student, I enjoyed more exposure to great artists, as well as the charm of the French lifestyle. Return visits to different parts of the country allowed time spent in cafes, lunches in outdoor gardens and leisurely explorations of small villages. These adventures created a certain aesthetic vision for me. The works of Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Pierre Bonnard, as well as the German expressionist Gabrielle Munter seemed to jive with the way I saw the world, so I studied them and tried to see their original work whenever possible. Still, I hadn’t thought of painting.

After relocating to Scottsdale, following a career as owner of a public relations firm in Florida, I decided to pursue the artistic side of my creative right brain. That’s when my art masters began to talk to me, and my previous experiences in France coalesced to inspire ideas for paintings.